Entrevistamos a Vaclav Revaj | Adash Ltd.

El pasado 26 de octubre tuvimos la oportunidad de entrevistar a Vaclav Revaj, International Sales Manager en Adash Ltd.

Adash Ltd. fue sponsor gold en el IX Foro de Fiabilidad y Mantenimiento Predictivo en la Industria 4.0

Durante el evento, estuvimos hablando con Vaclac Revaj, con quien pudimos conversar sobre el futuro de la industria.



1 – To people who don’t know Adash, what will you tell them about a company with 31 years of history?
Are there such a people? Just kidding. We are privately owned company based in Czech Republic. From the beginning we are concentered on development and production of vibration analysis tools and software. We are trying to provide easy and affordable way how to start predictive maintenance to clients.

2 – We know that Adash made the first vibration analysis software in Windows, how did you feel to be pioneers?
I (Vaclav) was not with Adash that time but Adash owners were definitely proud of them selves. But condition monitoring was not that popular 30 years ago as it is nowadays therefore Adash did not get too much appreciation for making this software.

3 – Adash is a company with a great history, how has its evolution been?
Adash has been created by two friends who met in college. They had literally just two computers on which they wrote their first software for Modal Analysis measurement. Later on that Windows based vibration analysis / route software. By the way they sold plenty of copies to Pruftechnik which didn’t have their own software back then. Further step was to make vibration analyzer which happened in 1995. Today we have a wide range of portable device as well as online systems and related software. We are 25 people now at Adash and still growing.

4 – How does Adash feel competing with large multinationals in the world of predictive?
Competition will be always here and it is good. It keeps us moving and forcing to make new products, features and so on. We are trying to keep affordable prices but offer a lot for the price. We keep experienced distributors which can offer perfect customer support.

5 – Can you tell us something you are currently developing?
We are about to have our 3 channel VA3Pro vibration analyzer in ATEX version. It took two terrible years to get it certified but we should finally release this product to market till the end of this year. Also we have plans to create cloud based software. In the meantime our ITs are still working and improving our current software and instrument’s firmware.

6 – How does Adash approach digital transformation?
As mention above we want to have cloud software. Well… digital transformation is a current trend. I understand that young people wants to have everything in the phone in some app. But at the end of the day there still would need to be somebody near the machine who will tighten the screw or change the bearing if you now what I mean.
Data is one thing. But AI will not see spilled oil under the machine…

7 – How does Adash stand against the new technologies on the market?
We are definitely tracking our competitors and we are not sleeping. At the moment we are waiting for reliable wireless acceleration sensor. Current models on the market are not suitable for us.
We had some wireless sensors for testing and we were not satisfied with their measurement precision. Our VA5Pro vibration analyzer is ready for wireless solution…

8 – How do you see the future of the industry?
Future will be definitely more about wireless, cloud, AI. In our condition monitoring and vibration analysis business in particular there will be definitely more focus on online systems in order to save money for manpower. But we hope there will be still a lot of vibration analysis enthusiasts which will go for portable Adash devices.

9 – Where does Adash stand in that imaginary future?
We see that plenty of our competitor did not follow the trend and they stopped development. They just continued to sell old vibration analyzers as they were developed in 90’s. Now they have nothing to sell. I’m talking about B&K, Schenck and SKF who were all selling the same analyzers. Pruftechnik and CSI has been eaten by bigger fish. So honestly? I see a great future for Adash as we stay independent and we keep pushing ;-)

Thank you Preditec for being our long term superior partner.