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A través de los principios de la alineación de ejes se enseñará cómo alinear con indicadores de medida y sistemas de alineación.

La formación Mobius Institute: iLearnAlignment utiliza la metodología Crystal Clear TM, ayuda a comprender aquellos conceptos más complejos a través de animaciones 3D y simuladores de software.

El curso se impartirá en inglés.

iLearnAlignment is an interactive, computer-based training course for shaft alignment.  It will take you step by step through the principles behind shaft alignment, and teach you how to align shafts with dial indicators and laser alignment systems.

Like all of Mobius Institute training, iLearnAlignment utilizes our Crystal Clear™ training methodology that allows complex concepts to be more easily understood. Crystal Clear training provides shaft alignment students with a higher level of understanding of alignment concepts and procedures through our great 3D animations, and numerous software simulators.



Shaft alignment is a tough skill to master.  We firmly believe that a person should be trained in dial-indicator methods in order to be successful with laser alignment - but that choice is yours.


The iLearnAlignment [Intro] product provides an introduction to shaft alignment (see below).  It is intended for those who will not perform shaft alignment but who wish to understand it.

iLearnAlignment [Master] goes into far more detail:

    •    Alignment math review,
    •    Pre-alignment preparation,
    •    Soft foot checks and correction,
    •    Dial indicator operation,
    •    Reverse-dial and rim-face methods,
    •    Laser alignment operation,
    •    Moving the machine,
    •    Dynamic movement (& thermal growth),
    •    Machine train alignment.

With iLearnAlignment, you get more than just shaft alignment training content, it also includes:

While our training covers all of the essential procedures, and is filled with valuable tips and tricks, one of the greatest benefits is that our training will help people understand misalignment. We have developed over 50 3D animations that demonstrate procedures, explain how things work, and clarify confusing concepts.

So many 3D animations

To help explain the many technical concepts and procedures, we have created over 50 3D movies/animations that clarify even the most complex issues.

Laser alignment and dial-indicator alignment

The training system also discusses laser alignment systems: how they work, their benefits, and how they are used. We cover the methods used by all of the major laser alignment companies.

We also discuss the technology and methodology used by all of the leading laser-alignment systems.